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Group Classes

Covid-19 Update - Online (Zoom) or in person sessions available near my locations or yours. Small group or Specialized Yoga Training & Therapy to target your goals. Overall wellness using breathing techniques, meditation, joints and flexibility exercises, alignment techniques, stress management, pain managements, options for chair yoga, etc..

Private Classes

Covid-19 Update - Conducting Zoom Sessions! Private and Semi-Private lessons & Yoga Therapy - Stress and Pain Management, Asthma and Breathing Difficulties, Depression and Anxiety, and Postural Re-Alignment and Mobility. Other consultations include Teacher's Training, Detoxification (Nasal and Upper Wash), Ayurveda, Reiki & Pranic Healing, Home & Sister Ashram Programs, and Volunteering Opportunities.


Namaste - Welcome to Abha Yoga

Abha Yoga is Abha’s presentation and use of the best yoga & meditation techniques learned from her many teachers and experiences over the decades. An engineering education and a 25+ year corporate career gave Abha the skills for analyzing and improving business performance. She leverages these skills with the vast tools of Yoga to optimize individual human performance and define best.

Abha Yoga is an integrated and personalized approach, taking you on a journey beyond the body, energy, mind, and intellect to the luminous self. Abha translates as luminescence. These concepts are the foundations of Abha Yoga.

Abha Yoga is rooted in ancient Vedic science (the oldest body of knowledge) and Patanjali Yoga. Abha studied at several Ashrams in India, Retreats/Teachers' Training in US, and learned at the feet of Swamis and Gurus of Yoga (Shivabalayogi, Shivananda, Swami Rama & Veda Bharati, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Shri Ravi Shankar, and Swami Mukundananda). Abha presents 40 years of her cumulative experience, and is an internationally trained and Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Teacher (CYT) and an Experienced Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher and Continuing Education Provider (E-RYT & YACEP).

Abha Yoga classes and therapy integrate:

• Yoga Philosophy & Psychology- Engage mind, body, and spirit
• Breath & Detoxifying techniques- Revitalize & energize
• Gentle Hatha Yoga Exercises- Realign & increase flexibility and strength
• Relaxation & Meditation- De-stress & improve concentration and calmness
• Ayurveda (Yoga's sister Science of Life & Body Type) - Nourish & rebalance
• Assessments with Growth & Progression Plans- Guide to your North Star

Abha Yoga is based on scientific principles, vast experience, knowledge, and the descending graces of her gurus. Practiced in its true spirit, Abha Yoga does not cause injuries and needs no modifications to meet modern fitness industry standards. Abha Yoga honors the gifts from the ancient yogis, and brings it to those wanting to tap into this powerful method of holistic health, wellness, and joy.

Everybody can benefit from Abha Yoga; without the complex poses or special equipment. Abha Yoga provides notable improvements:
- Stress and Pain Management
- Asthma and Breathing Difficulties
- Depression and Anxiety
- Posture Re-Alignment and Mobility
Experience the difference of Abha Yoga.



My name is Abha Gupta Ellis. I became familiar with Yoga from an early age, spending my formative years in an Indian village. In 1973, I delivered my first English speech in US, "Yoga is not for Yo-Yos". My 7th grade teacher likely won't remember correcting my pronunciation of "Guru,” but this reminds me that even sacred and ancient concepts that arrive in America get adapted in an Americanized version. Such is the story of "Yog" in today's society.

The modern adaptation of Yoga helped me get started in the practice. My analytical nature inspired me to explore its “Vedic” roots to understand its depth and meaning. I have been studying and practicing Yoga for over forty years; Yoga's vastness makes me a lifelong student of Yoga.

Teaching & Therapy Background:

I started teaching Yoga because the classes I attended were missing the key elements which are most beneficial. I want to share these powerful gifts. Teaching and using Yoga is my passion, and I'm constantly amazed and yet humbled by its many rewards.

Yoga has not been my full time profession. I studied and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, and then an MBA. Subsequently, I worked in corporate America for over 25 years, using analytical skills to improve business performance. I am also a mother of two adult children. With the many demands and consequences of life, I need Abha Yoga.

I started teaching Abha Yoga publicly in 2000, in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. Since then I have conducted more than thousand classes, teaching all levels and ages. Some of the participants of my classes wanted yoga sessions to help with their "dis-ease", this was the start of Abha Yoga therapy.

The first 5 years, I taught gentle Hatha Yoga on Saturday and Sunday at the YMCA. My favorite experience was integrating the yoga theory with the simple movements or depending on the depth of the perspective, exercises of the subtle body. I taught "Yoga - Joints & Glands" (inspired by Swami Rama's Research), to energize specific areas and increase self awareness. These classes brought forth more people wanting Yoga for improving specific health conditions. This bridging of health care and Yoga is now called Yoga Therapy. I also taught through Community Education, conducted special workshops, retreats, and volunteered my services to several organizations.

I also volunteered and taught Abha Yoga at summer youth camps, Girl & Boy Scouts, after school programs, Hindu Mandir Camps, and School for Indian Language and Culture. There I learned that the same teaching techniques work effectively on children. Today’s kids can benefit from Abha Yoga as well as adults.

Since 2011, I lived in several cites, including Denver, Colorado. In Denver, yoga was a growing and mainstream fitness business. Such commercialization and mass production dilutes the focus and benefits of the practice. The adaptations of Yog are skewed towards the physical and superficial aspects. Time seemed right to step up with Abha Yoga, to sustain the essentials of yoga & meditation; share the powerful system and gifts from the Himalayas with the Front Range of the Rockies.

In Denver, I offered private and small group Yoga lessons and Yoga Therapy. I taught Chair Yoga at Iora Primary Care for Seniors at several of their clinics, taught through Mile High Fitness & Wellness and Live 2 B Healthy, conducted workshops, Yoga Therapy, and private lessons, and volunteered yoga services to local communities in the Greater Denver Area. I had my Yoga Den and also traveled to client locations.

Now I live in Phoenix, a move prompted by the need of an aging parent. So it's time for Abha Yoga to serve the Phoenix/Ahwatukee Foothills. As before, all profits are reinvested into my yoga services and education, or go to charitable organizations that support yoga.

My Yoga & Fitness Training Certifications include:

- Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) with Yoga Alliance
- Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YACEP)
- Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) - International Association of Yoga Therapists
- Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition
- YogaFit & YogaFit for Seniors
- Group Fitness Instructor
- Pre/Post Natal Instructor
- Pilates Mat Class Instructor
- Brown Belt in Martial Arts (USA Karate)
- Total Fitness Yoga (American Council on Exercise)
- Advanced Reiki Provider
- Silversneakers Instructor

My certifications validate my yoga skills, but my real asset is the experience gained through my time spent with my practices, teachers, and students.

Yours in Service,

Abha Gupta Ellis

Personal Info

  •   (612)750-1022
  •   Greater Minneapolis & St. Paul Area, MN


This is my first experience with yoga and Abha has made it so enjoyable. I like her approach to the whole being and look forward to more benefits from my classes. Thanks, Abha.

Pat G.

Abha is the only yoga instructor that I've encountered who is truly holistic in her approach, firmly grounded in classic yoga, extremely talented to speak about the complete yoga philosophy and encourages new and existing participants alike. She is a one-of-a kind yoga mentor.

Barb L.

Abha's Yoga class is very calming and therapeutic. Her gentle stretching is very beneficial for both my husband and I. We feel relief from aches and pains and overall better health from participating in her weekly class!

Julie and Reid

Abha is an excellent Yoga teacher. My joints are loosened, my posture is better, and I have a lot more energy after I do Yoga with Abha. She gives us practices for home. I even use some of the breathing I learned to sleep better.

Marlene Freeman

Iora Primary Care Patient
Abha is a fantastic teacher, very spiritual and relaxing. Her one on one made me aware of my hip misalignment and my foot angle outward, and we were able to correct it! I walk so much better now!

Kathy Zarnesky

Abha's online yoga and meditation classes have been as oasis of calm during a stressful time. She is a patient, thoughtful teacher who takes the time to listen to each student's goals for their practice, then structures sessions accordingly. Abha has taught us things about breathing that weren't covered in previous yoga classes I've taken, and I feel I benefit from using these breathing techniques throughout the week.

Suzan Hirz

Online Yoga & Meditation Participant


25% off Rates posted below for January - June'22! Rates are for my location (surcharge for your location). Packages are to be used in 3 months. Financial hardships can be discussed individually. All profits are donated to charities that support Yoga!
Private or Semi-private Training
$60 for 1 hour session
6 sessions package: $300
10 sessions package: $500
Small Group Classes (3-5 Participants): 
$20/class or $60/month for one class per week
10 class pass: $150
Large Group (6+ participants):
$15/session or $50/month
6 sessions package: $75
10 sessions package: $130
Yoga Therapy (targets specific health conditions)
$119 for 1-1.25 hour
6 sessions: $600
10 sessions: $999
Ayurvedic Body Type Analysis & Nutrition Consultation
$60 for 1 hour
Reiki Session: 
$30/session for 30 minutes
Retreats/Mini-Retreats are quoted individually
For more information please contact abha.ellis@yahoo.com or 612-750-1022

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Live Online Small Group Sessions: Yoga & Meditation

Saturday Yoga & Meditation - 8:30 -9:45 am MST
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Integrated classical yoga practices: Energize & strengthen body, improve mobility & pain, manage stress & anxiety, increase awareness & concentration, balance emotions & calmness, and much more
For everybody, without the complex poses!

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